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We allow businesses, entrepreneurs, IOT enthousiast to deploy there own IOT system rapidly and without the need of any coding experience


Exalise is an easy-to-use, all-in-one IoT platform designed for a wide variety of applications.

With our platform, devices can be securely connected via industry standard protocols, such as MQTT, websockets, and HTTPS. The platform is hosted in the cloud, so the user can forget about installing expensive servers and managing the platform.

Easily manage your devices

Simply give them a name, generate a unique key, set the right credentials, and register them! You can now send and receive data via the Exalise IoT platform using your unique key and credentials.

Exalise register device
Temerature bulb


When Temperature > 20 degrees

Send Air conditioning "turn on"

Meet the rule engine of Exalise

The main feature of exalise is the easy-to-use rule engine. You can create what we call regulators. These regulators control the data that comes into the system. The ability to set alarms, connect devices, do calculations , and much more is at your fingertips! We also offer a connection with IFTTT, so the possibilities are endless.

Create custom dashboards with your own floorplan!

Our dashboard tool allows you to create your own dashboards. You can use our widgets to view the data you need at a glance, or you can simply upload your floorplan or production scheme and drag and drop the widgets into place.

Exalise dashboard
Exalise Server

It is all hosted in the cloud

Our platform is hosted in the cloud so you are able to get your data or connect your devices where ever you are as long as you have an internet connection! Our databases are backed up regualary and you can connect securly using TLS to transfer your data encrypted.

Coming soon

We are still developing the platform. We are planning on starting beta testing soon. If you are interested you can always send an email to [email protected]